CastleField Manchester

John & Rudy

"I love every single shot !!! . "
Rudy Herington

This is CastleField, it could be one of the most expensive places in Manchester to walk with your partner.

We wanted to share a couple of questions our couples answer after their service with us to see how they felt during the experience with Filminlove. We wanted to share this because we have heard a lot “oh, we have to think about it”, “we don’t have the budget”, “we want a video, but we are only getting photos”, “why are your prices super expensive”, and many other questions and valid concerns. We hope this post helps you make up your mind!

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Photos are a great way to relive your day, but video takes you into a whole new world. The way video works is completely different from photos. When you receive your video from us, we promise to deliver you films with personality, and perfection in every detail.